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image During 1969, 106 Field Workshop had a detachment at the major US Army Base at Long Binh. We sourced many of our technical supplies and repair parts from the base

During the Tet Offensive, 1968, the base and Bien Hoa air field was attacked. The Task Force deployed and operated as a formation in Operation "Coburg" establishing "AO Columbus" on the eastern boundary of Bien Hoa with Long Khanh province defending the approaches to Saigon, Binh Hoa city, the Long Binh Logistics base and Bien Hoa Air Base. There was bitter fighting

As Chief Clerk, I needed to visit the detachment to do some admin for the detachment, mail, pay and so on. These photos are some I took on the trip

This is a shot of Route 15. Route 15 was a major supply line for Saigon, Bien Hoa and the Port of Saigon. One of the designated missions for the Task Force was its security.
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