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image In early 1970, the GE Pl Comd, Capt Steve Carter, was approached by Major John Bladen of Edu Corp (Welfare Officer) to build a dozen sets of playground equipment for the local schools and orphanages.

Jack Winchester, Dick Fitzgerald (Peni) and myself were given the task to complete in our spare time and the Unit donated the materials.

We made around 18 sets in the end, all painted in the RAEME Corps colours.

The picture shows Eddie Edwards and Jack Winchester watched by Major Bladen at the erection site of the first set located at the Dat Doh Orphanage.

There were also eight other guys who accompanied us on that first welfare patrol who were occupied providing us perimeter protection.

Unfortunately the Viet Cong eventually located and destroyed the vast majority of them and created some serious hassles for the teachers and the locals for being Aust sympathisers.
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