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image During the Tet of 1969, the Task Force deployed to FSB Kerri from where it overlooked the approaches to Saigon from the East. FSB Kerri was located approximately 13km from the Long Binh Airfield some 50km by air from Nui Dat.

The deployment, from 17Feb69 to 10Mar69, included Adv HQ 1 ATF, C Sqn 1 Armd Regt,A Sqn 3 Cav Regt, 161 Bty, RNZA and the HQ and Support Coy of 9RAR

To support the operation, 1 ATF deployed an Advanced Logistic Maintenance Area to a location adjacent to the Long Binh airfield.

106 detached a Forward Repair Group as part of the logistic deployment. As well as repair support in this location, FRTs and Recovery could be sent forward as necessary.

Loading a Caribou with men and stores of the Forward Repair Group for deployment to Long Binh.
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